Monostereo is a screen printing studio based in Barcelona since 2008. Main printer Gemma Berenguer teams up with Illustrator and tattoo artist Eledu to handprint quality limited edition on different surfaces.

Gemma  first discovered screen printing during her time earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts at university–it was love at first sight! Trapped by the art form’s versatility, Gemma experimented on many surfaces and with a range of graphic styles during her time as a student and after college, she then decided to continue her training at the Printer’s Guild.  Gemma spent several years as a screen printing operator, but missed the artistic elements and process she enjoyed in her own work.  As a result, Gemma started her own shop, “Monostereo” in 2008.  This artists’ collective provides workshops and demonstrations at several schools, social centers and various organizations, along with commissioning works of the finest quality art prints, gig posters, LP/book covers, and limited editions on fabric, wood, etc..

Eledu was born in the heart of Barcelona, and soon started to show interest for art in its different forms: graphic art, music… Painting graffiti since 1992, he also wanted to improve his artistic skills and earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts at UB University (specializing in Public Sculpture). He has been showing his art in several galleries national and international since he graduated, in parallel with his work as a tattooer and illustrator.  Nowadays he combine his work at Monostereo with Illustration, tattoo and Mural paintings, one of his biggest passions.

Monostereo is a proud member of board of directors of API (American Poster Institute) and design and hand-print a broad spectrum of their own gig posters, graphic works and promotes the gig poster culture all over Europe.

Gemma is also member of Speedball Professional Artists network from Speedball Inks.